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Welcome to Serendi-CDI

The Community

The Serendi-CDI community is international and multidisciplinary. It is geared towards the interests of novice and expert designers and the needs of industry and academia. Anyone can join the community and seek out like-minded individuals.

This site is supported through a grant from the National Science Foundation Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (NSF CDI) initiative.



Microsystem and Nanosystem Support and Documentation

If you need help in MEMS or NEMS design, the best place to start is the Serendipedia microsystem and nanosystem design wiki. Serendipedia contains articles on MEMS and NEMS design topics that have been uploaded and refined by community members.

If the topic you need help with hasn't been documented previously in a Serendipedia article, either because it's too fresh, or maybe too esoteric, check the Serendi Boards for threads that might help. If you don't find an existing thread, start a new one.


Open Source and Sharing Philosophy

The viability of the Serendi-CDI community depends on its members sharing and sharing-alike. When a member downloads material through the community portal and uses it to discover new phenomena, explore new designs, or improve the materials by adding new physics or refining an article it helps strengthen the community if the benefit of that member's efforts are shared with the community. This is the community Open Source and Sharing Philosophy - use freely - share freely.

Serendi-CDI is conformant to the Open Source Definition (OSD) and licenses its content under the BSD-3.


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Featured Links

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